Permanent Security

Business Security


Having Business Security is an Investment


Business Security GuardsA happy and healthy business began that way because you have invested in GuardNOW services.

In fact, most cases show that business should consider the importance of the security that they have. It’s not only Internal security issues that are a problem. There are mother issues at hand. This include possible of theft from the business as well.Keep in mind that there are mass attacks just around the corner against any business. But it can be averted before the potential threat happens. This includes professional business security serves from GuardNOW. It’s important to be alert and vigilant. It’s important to protect assets, all of them. Consider how you are protection your business. Do you have proper security? Employees can be the culprit or outside services can be a part of it as well. In fact, according to the FBI there are violent attacks that happen daily involving businesses.


Ways you could lose by not having Business Security


Trusted employees can be stealing from you. It’s hard to know why, perhaps they crave retribution for the fact that you are making money. Perhaps, they just need the money or that is how they are born and raised. You can be losing money every day and not even know it. Video cameras are not the only way that you should be monitoring your brand. In fact, you should also be monitoring your business. With several options toward protecting your business security GuardNOW services are ready to help you.Our guards will be available and ready to catch things before security cameras do as by that time they are already gone, they are already gone and have taken the assets that your business has worked so hard to protect with them. Now, when you have contracted to have our professional team of business security experts to help you, then you are guaranteed to have a reduction in crime. Without a security system in place like GuardNOW offers then business are three times more likely to break into a business.

Security for your business with GuardNOW offers you a selection of professionals who are ready to help you.Business security is often time overlooked and neglected in many cases. Having security cameras is not going to get you the protection you deserve? Business security offered with GuardNOW will be able to catch trouble before it happens. Having a ton of IT equipment can increase your chances of identifying who and what is going to attack your business. Internal and external security problems can easily be averted when you hire and work with GuardNOW’s expert team of former military professionals and law enforcement officials.


GuardNOW has over three years of full time professional services. Businesses need to protect their assets and because of that they need to look outside of the internal system and out to the external system. They need the expert business security services of the GuardNOW.

  • Alarm Response
  • Business Meetings
  • Concierge Services
  • Concrete Pouring
  • Construction Projects
  • Conventions and Conferences
  • Employee Termination
  • Evictions
  • Executive Escorts
  • Fire Watch
  • Grand Openings
  • Monitor Art Galleries
  • Monitor Products Overnight
  • Parking Lot Security
  • Store Front Sales
  • Industrial Facilities Security
  • Vandalism Threats

Residential Security


The Importance of Residential Security Services


GuardNOW Residential Security Services

At guardNOW, we don’t just understand how important your home and lifestyle are to you — we want to be the ones to protect it for you. We are a security service group that provides residential security solutions and assistance for people who are looking for guards across the nation. If you are in need of home protection or are simply looking to have your home watched, we are here to do that. Our security service personnel are ready to come over instantly. It takes only a few seconds to get your security service needs met.

Robbery, theft and destruction to your personal property happen because normally, these perps can get away with it. They simply are so far under the radar that trying to catch

a single thief can prove too much for law enforcement. Our security service specialists are professionally trained, and many of them are former law enforcement officials themselves. So they have an intrinsic dedication toward protecting your home from invasion.

GuardNOW is on board with all of your home and residential security services needs. Our security service protects our country’s citizens from Los Angeles to New York City. It’s that simple and that easy to contact us. And we have proven ourselves time and again as the best in the business of security services.


  • Alarm Response
  • Art/Museum Exhibits
  • Bodyguard Services
  • Carnivals/Fairs/Circuses Concerts
  • Construction/Maintenance
  • Conventions/Conferences/Seminars
  • Disaster/Crime Response
  • Festivals Funerals
  • Gaming/Sporting Events/Marathons
  • Home Services
  • Movie Screenings/Production
  • Moving Open Houses/Foreclosures
  • Parades
  • Parking Management
  • Event Security
  • Personal Escorts
  • Pest Control/Fumigation



What Residential Security Services do we offer?


Our dedication to integrity and your peace of mind comes solely from our security services. We protect and patrol your neighborhood even if the crime has not happened yet. All you have to do is call us. The crime does not have to have occurred before you do. In fact, even if you just have a glimmer of fear that something might be happening in your area, contact us. We are the swiftest and most cost-effective way to get protection. The police only come to you in the event that a security breach has already happened.

We will arrive promptly and stay until you feel safe. Plus, we will not leave until your peace of mind and security service has been fulfilled 120%. This means we are going to stay in your neighborhood until you need us to leave.

If you need to have a a visible security presence at your art gallery or at a local museum you can contact us and in a matter of seconds, we can be on site and ready serve you with the latest in security services.

Areas where you don’t want patrons to wander off too will be totally secure and areas where security breaches may pose a threat will also be secured. Our safe and friendly staff are around the bend and looking over the venue at all times to make sure that there is a constant flow of service coverage.

We also protect your peace of mind at funerals, home services and more.

We know that you worry about your home and because of that we want to help. Going out of town? Don’t trust your home security to a preprogrammed light system, trust a group of professionals in the residential security services industry. Many of them have backgrounds in the military and more.We can help assist your residential security services needs on all levels. As you can see we have come prepared to get your services done right the first time. We are ready to work with you and can begin the minute you pick up the phone.

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