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Security Guard Glossary


A relationship to wherein one party is empowered to represent or act for the other under the authority of the other. Agency means more than tacit permission; it involves a request, instruction, or command. There are three types of agency relationships: principal and agent; master and servant; and proprietor and independent contractor.


Alpha negative file

A file consisting of either 3 X 5- inch cards or computerized listing of names of known “bad guys,” such as known shoplifters, dishonest employees, fraud artists, bad check passers, etc.

Unarmed Security Guards

Our Security Can Come Armed For Higher Levels of Threat

These days, most small businesses are working with razor thin profit margins. Most companies can’t afford to have something go wrong with their inventory or retail location. Inventory loss due to thefts or accidents creates devastating losses. Luckily, unarmed security guards prevent against the former issue. Such individuals deter thieves from entering a business and attempting to walk out with unpaid merchandise. Security guards more than pay for themselves over the course of a year.

GuardNOW provides both Unarmed and Armed Security Guard Services for Day and Night Foot Patrol Security Guards, Vehicle Security Patrol, Camera Surveillance and Executive Protection.


Why are Unarmed Guards Preferable Over Armed Guards?

Unarmed security guards often prove the perfect solution for small businesses. When guards carry firearms or other weapons, customers often find them intimidating. Nobody wants to enter a business they feel doesn’t trust them. Others have issues with firearms and don’t want to be near them. Either way, the business that respects customers by using unarmed guards won’t lose customers because of their presence. A guard without a weapon acts as a deterrent rather than a threatening presence.


Choosing a Security Company With Experience

Of course, guards aren’t hired as independent contractors. A small business will contact a security company that dispatches guards to a given location. Not all security guard companies are the same, and some are worth hiring above their competitors. Therefore, certain features set one company above another, and companies need to realize this fact. Security companies that employ reliable security guards and train them properly are always worth working with.


What makes GuardNOW’s Unarmed Security Guards Better?

Without a doubt, guardNOW offers the best unarmed guards in the business. The company has operated for years and satisfied hundreds of clients in the process. GuardNOW believes in using unarmed guards because they walk the line between protecting a business and providing a friendly disposition. Fortunately, each guard is trained to be friendly and helpful toward a company’s clients and customers. They’re also trained to treat theft and other incidents with the utmost care.


Background Checks, Extended Training, and More

Every potential guard has their background checked thoroughly before being hired at guardNOW. They’re then given hundreds of hours of training before being sent out to clients. Plus, they often work with veteran unarmed guards so that they know exactly how to perform their duties. These guards can protect a business while treating every customer with respects. Guards from guardNOW are trained to not respond to provocation unless they’re physically touched, so serious incidents are often avoided.


Trust GuardNOW For A Company’s Security Needs

In today’s world, many small businesses find themselves in need of unarmed security guards. Most companies can’t afford to not protect themselves from theft and violent incidents. Security guards act as a deterrent about all else, but guardNOW’s security guards are trained to react to situations with swift action when necessary. By hiring a guard from guardNOW, small businesses are guaranteed protection against common threats to a retail location. Guards are available for all hours of operation, and they receive more training than other security services provide. No other security company can even compare with GuardNOW.Our services are unequaled throughout the industry in accordance with the best practices of the security industry.


Unarmed Security Guards are responsible for guarding and patrolling areas in which violent crime is rare. They prevent unauthorized access to stores, sporting events or restricted areas. Security guards often have the duty to:


  • Respond to fires and medical emergencies.
  • Monitor security systems and scanners.
  • Protect properties and patrons from theft, vandalism and violence.
  • Patrol properties or guarding gate entrances.
  • File incident reports.


Because Unarmed Security Guards need to be able to deter people from entering unauthorized areas and do not have access to weapons, they must maintain a strong, confident appearance. Many will interact with customers and members of the public, so guardNOW Unarmed Security Guards are often required to possess good customer service skills.


Upon each booking we create a comprehensive security plan based on the facility, person and event being secured and protected.

Unarmed guards are highly-trained to diffuse situations at variable degrees of threat.

Book online today so that we can begin planning your security package and identify what your security needs are.

Or call one of our security specialists to put together a strategic and cost-effective plan to secure your event, business or home with our Armed Security Guards in Los Angeles.

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